“Vanitas” was a 30 minute performance of shared play...


A simulated playground of objects and imagery, set on the ground floor of The Gordon House, a North London artist’s studio,  formed the setting for a performance about the ephemeral in creativity, in Artlick's “Interdependence” Festival.


Before each performance, three projections alluded to time. Silverpoint lines formed a large animated clock-like movement,  two shadow profiles projected onto round boards, seemed to dialogue in slow motion, distorted by a veil and an obscuring glass, and torch swung on a pendulum around an ovoid orbit, illuminating a waiting corner. Recorded sounds of a station concourse, and two still performers, created a sense of imminent departure. A central table held balls, string, matches, tape, scissors, shards of glass and mirror, and implied potential actions.


Andrew triggered  the release of a large ball, which bounced alone down a spiral stair. A broom swept a projection off a sheet of metal. Objects as puppets received, reflected and distorted  light from spots, mirrors and projectors. Shadow films completed or contradicted the artists' movements as lighting guided the viewer through the cycle of beginning, development, and closing.


The only verbal communication between the artist duo was coded instructions to pause or release one another. This awkward, unpredictable restriction played with dynamics of control and focus,  forming a narrative of illumination and extinction.